Tips For Improving The Appearance Of Your Hardwood Floors

If you live in a home that has hardwood floors, you might worry about how they are looking. If you have not been doing a lot of regular maintenance, your floors may have lost their shine and fallen victim to the damage that kids and pets can do over time. Here are some relatively easy tips for improving the appearance of your hardwood floors so that you can feel proud of them and how your house looks in general.

Going Western: Interior Design Elements That You Cannot Do Without When You Want That Ranch Look

A new interior design craze is sweeping the nation and it is the “cowboy” or “ranch homestead” look. What was once reserved for actual ranch spreads in Texas or little boys’ rooms everywhere is now widely accepted as a design style. Regardless of what kind of house you live in or which room (or rooms!) you want to decorate in this particular style, you can achieve this look with all of the following design elements.

Beautiful Window Treatment Ideas For The Foyer

Your foyer welcomes guest into your home. However, the front entrance should also keep your home private from passersby. This can be challenging since glass-paned doors can be surrounded by windows. Set a welcoming tone while keeping your home private with beautiful window treatments. Doubled Curtains on the Door Many front doors feature panes of glass either on the top half or the full length of the door. This is lovely for allowing natural light inside.

3 Things To Consider When Installing Cabinets In A Short Room

Traditional country and prairie kitchens were often shorter than current popular architecture. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright used to utilize kitchen heights under seven feet. If you are renovating an older kitchen in the Midwest or West, it is likely that you will be faced with a short ceiling. This can be used to your advantage, to make the room appear cozier and more inviting. However, there are a few rules you should follow when placing cabinetry in a short kitchen.

Hardwood Flooring Tips For Pet Owners

Whether it’s a cat or dog, your furry friend is a member of the family. However, this doesn’t negate the fact that you’re probably somewhat concerned about whether or not your pet will damage your hardwood floors, should you have them installed. Don’t stress. You can have beautiful hardwood floors and a comfortable and happy pet; here are just a few tips. Choose A Harder Species As a pet owner, it’s best to begin with a harder species of wood and avoid softer options like cedar, pine, redwood and juniper.