3 Things To Consider When Installing Cabinets In A Short Room

Traditional country and prairie kitchens were often shorter than current popular architecture. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright used to utilize kitchen heights under seven feet. If you are renovating an older kitchen in the Midwest or West, it is likely that you will be faced with a short ceiling. This can be used to your advantage, to make the room appear cozier and more inviting. However, there are a few rules you should follow when placing cabinetry in a short kitchen. 

Build to the Ceiling 

In tall kitchens, 8 feet and above, it is common to install the upper cabinets at a height that is easily accessible without a step-stool, which leaves a large gap between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling, which is generally used for extra storage or as a display shelf. In a short kitchen, it is often not possible to have a large gap between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling.

However, many homeowners think that they need to leave a gap to encourage circulation or for aesthetic reasons. However, you should actually install your cabinets flush against the ceiling. This prevents dust or mold getting trapped a small gap between the cabinet and the ceiling and makes the most use of your space. 

Leave Enough Counter Space To Work Efficiently 

Your upper cabinets should be short enough to leave you plenty of work space on your counter-top. Having to constantly pull items like a bread machine or coffee pot away from the wall in order to be able to fully open them will hurt your kitchen flow. You may need custom built cabinets to achieve the height that you require between your upper and lower cabinets. You should consider not only making the upper cabinets shorter, but also shaving a few inches off of the lower cabinets if you are a shorter homeowner. 

Do Not Skimp On Cabinetry

You may be tempted to skip upper cabinets altogether if you have a short kitchen and instead install open shelves or hooks to hang items. However, you should carefully consider your cabinetry needs and make sure that you install enough cabinets to house your kitchen wares. Otherwise, your kitchen can appear cluttered and can be uncomfortable to work in. If you want to avoid upper cabinets, consider an island or a pantry wall to give you extra storage space. 

Cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen, even short kitchens. Contact a business, such as CK Custom Kabinetry Inc, for more information on cabinet installation.