Going Western: Interior Design Elements That You Cannot Do Without When You Want That Ranch Look

A new interior design craze is sweeping the nation and it is the "cowboy" or "ranch homestead" look. What was once reserved for actual ranch spreads in Texas or little boys' rooms everywhere is now widely accepted as a design style. Regardless of what kind of house you live in or which room (or rooms!) you want to decorate in this particular style, you can achieve this look with all of the following design elements.

Cowhide Rugs and Reclaimed Barn Wood Floors

If you already like the look of reclaimed barn wood flooring, or if you already have wood floors made from reclaimed barn wood, then you do not have to go much further to get your floors just right for this design theme. If you do not have the reclaimed wood floor, see your nearest flooring expert to get this floor installed. Then you are ready to hunt down that perfect cowhide rug to throw down on the floor.

Since all breeds of cows are skinned to make these rugs, all you have to do is select the color and/or pattern that interests you most. For example, if you want a black and white cowhide rug, you will need to purchase an authentic Holstein cowhide. However, if you are dead set on getting the most authentic cowboy-ranch homestead look you can get, you should invest in a longhorn cowhide rug, since longhorn cattle are symbolic of the Old West and days of cattle wrangling and rustling. A possible alternative is a buffalo hide rug, which would look quite at home with this design theme as well.

Pure Leather Furniture

The perfectly tanned and polished leather from cattle blends in beautifully as leather furniture in your room of choice for this look. Since there are dozens of leather love seats, sofas, recliners and leather-upholstered chairs to choose from, you should have no trouble finding the right color and style of leather furniture to match your decor. For the sake of authenticity, however, do make certain that the furniture you choose is one-hundred-percent real leather, and not "pleather" or some other kind of fake leather.

Wall Decorations

For wall decor, select some art from famous Western artists like Frederic Remington. (If you cannot afford an original sculpture or painting by Remington, there are several prints and knock-offs of his famous works that you can buy for far less.) Longhorn cattle horns mounted over a fireplace or just above a print or painting is also a nice touch. Rustic ropes or a cowboy hat on a hook are a little more subtle, but just as effective.