Skip The Trade Shows, And Hit The Malls! How To Promote Your Business In A Different Venue

When you own and operate a small business, you tend to visit and work a lot of trade shows. Sure, it is a good way to get your business out there and get some recognition, but trade shows are short-lived and long on travel distances  and expenses. You should actually skip the trade shows and try shopping malls. Here is how to do just that, and why you absolutely should.

Your Trade Show Exhibits Fit into a Kiosk in the Mall

All of your trade show exhibit components can fit into a kiosk space at the mall. As long as your exhibit components are not too large or too ostentatious, it will fit a kiosk space. Contact all of your local malls and see which malls have kiosk space available to rent. Then find a mall and space that suits your needs best.

Rent the Kiosk Space for Six Months

Most business owners will start with a six-month lease at a mall. If business does well, you can always renew your lease. Since shopping malls see the most traffic in the last six months of the year, your business would get the most exposure from July through the end of December. Millions of people trek through malls during this time, and you would not only see locals, but also tourists and out-of-state visitors. 

Realize That You Will Operate Your Kiosk in One Position, All Open Mall Hours

There is a major difference between operating a trade show booth at a trade show and operating your trade show booth as a kiosk in a mall. The trade show only lasts two, maybe three days, tops. When you set your booth up in a rented space in the mall, you are open every day, all the hours of the day that the mall is open. This is huge by comparison in terms of exposure, sales, and time commitment. Yet, your business will be much more recognizable after that six months in the mall than it would be after three years of just doing trade shows around the state.

Why You Should Set up in a Mall

Setting up your trade show booth in a mall kiosk space accomplishes major business goals. One, you get tons of exposure and the ability to promote the daylights out of your business. Two, your trade show booth is used far more often than a few times a month, which means that what you paid for the booth finally pays for itself. Three, you have opportunities to sell more goods or services and worry less about promoting your business because you are in a place where people are bent and intent on buying stuff.

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