Modernizing Your Restaurant To Encourage Patronage: Tips For Design

A restaurant designer, such as one from a place like Telesco Associates, is a person who comes into your establishment and makes key changes to make your restaurant more welcome and inviting. Whether you are tired of the same old color scheme or you are reinventing your menu and you want your eatery to reflect its modern tastes, you can let a designer totally change the way your restaurant looks and feels in positive ways. Here are some ideas for design you can give them so you can feel more in control of the design process.

Trending hues

While yellow and red color schemes (especially popular with fast food establishments) have been popular with restaurants in the past, more modern takes on the inspiring hues give your restaurant a more relaxed and intimate feel customers can appreciate. Consider goldenrod and eggplant, or burnt orange and black to give your customers the same comfortable ambiance while giving the impression that your food is of higher class. If you really want to be daring, upgrade to the unexpected, such as cream and turquoise for a palate-cleansing effect.


More and more restaurants are taking tips from high-end eateries and upgrading to low yellow lighting instead of the bright white lighting diners are so familiar with. The effect of low yellow illumination offers a warm, intimate appeal which can make diners feel like they have their own little space when they eat at your restaurant. The lighting is similar to that of a brightly lit candle, giving diners a feeling of welcome that can make your establishment an experience they will love to return to again and again.

Tables and chairs

Cloth seats can replace vinyl for a classier, more comfortable appeal customers can appreciate. Stick to solid hues, such as black, red, or variations of your color scheme to keep your pattern choice modern for years to come. Tables should be of solid wood with natural grain to add a rustic yet classic appeal that goes with nearly any menu offering. If you can upgrade to new cloth napkins, stick to black or off-white so you can always match your color scheme. Your restaurant designer can help you fine tune the details of your table offerings so you can impress patrons as soon as they walk in the door.

You can make your restaurant shine in whole new ways with the help of a restaurant designer. Enlist their help with your design ideas to make your establishment the dreamy eatery you've always wanted.